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by · February 11, 2016

Gmail or google mail is a free email service from Google, one of the tech giants in the world. The beta version was introduced in 2004 on invitation basis. Initially Gmail was offering only 1 GB space but now 15 GB is available. It is supported by advertising. It is one of the fastest growing email service. At present Gmail has more than 1 billion active monthly users. Gmail is part of Google which has many products. The main advantage is that we can use one email address to manage all their products and services. It is available in mobile through App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Gmail is also integrated with voice and video service. Using the paid service of Google voice we can call to any landline or mobile no. associated with Google Plus contact circle. Google Hangout service is also available in for voice and video chat.

It is very important to know some of the basic settings when using Gmail email.

The following options are available in the “Accounts and Import” tab under “Settings” from the gear icon.
Change password

Like any other online services you must change the password once in three to six months for security purpose. When you click on change password you will get a screen to login by entering your existing password. In the next screen enter new password and one more time to reconfirm. Click on the button and the password will be changed.

Change password recovery options

It is very important to update alternative email ID and contact telephone no. information to reset your password if you forget. Update your another email address and contact no.

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You can either select or not the chat option

List of emails in the welcome page can be displayed in three ways such as comfortable, cozy, compact to view in different format.

Changing the theme

There will not be any special theme when your register Gmail account. A variety of themes available to change the look. Looks for themes options in “Gear Icon > Themes”.

Organize the email

The category of the emails can be organized using the option available in the ” Inbox > ” tab under settings as per our convenience. The primary email will be marked as selected by default. There is option available to select or not the social, promotions, updates and forums email.

Image Display

The display of images associated with the email can also be controlled from general tab.

General Settings

Language, country code, page size and many other settings can be controlled.


Gmail can be used with or without signature. We can also include an image and link to any website / pages. The font color, size, style and alignment can also be formatted.

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Using vacation responder auto-reply can be done with subject for a selected period of time. The style of the message can be formatted using many options. It is also possible to send the message only to the people in the contact list.

Updating personal information

Email, phone, birthday, about you, Google + settings, shares endorsements, locations sharing and search settings can be updated from “My Account”. You can also manage Ads settings here.

Gmail settings 2

Updating profile picture

Profile photo can be added by uploading from computer / mobile, Google +, blogger or live from camera. “Profile picture Icon > ”

Contacts & Task

It can be accessed by clicking “Gmail” on the top left side.

Gmail settings 3-1

Deleting your google search history of Gmail.

Open in chrome browser and search for any word. You will get a new screen with search results and gear icon on the top right side. The history of searches can be deleted from history option.

Deleting Gmail account

The option to delete the email account is available by clicking on “Profile pictures” then “My account”. “Delete your account and services” option can be found under Account preferences . You can delete either selected google products or complete account and data.

Besides the above you can also mark messages as based on the importance as “starred” and/or “important”. The friends list under the same Google Plus account will also display in the left side of the screen. Direct calling to fixed phones are possible from here. Users can also access email through POP3 and IMAP4. The reading status of any email can be changed to “mark as unread” and vice-versa.

The size of the compose screen can be adjusted by using the enlarge and reduce arrow.

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